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Highlands Ranch Home Loan Mortgage Broker - We are your Home Loan, Mortgage Purchase and Refinance Lender

Looking for a Home Loan in Highlands Ranch

Security Financial Services is a Highlands Ranch Mortgage Broker.  There are many reasons to work with Security Financial Services in Highlands Ranch.  We are located out of Castle Rock so we know a lot about the housing market and home values in Highlands Ranch.  If you are purchasing a house in Highlands Ranch, we have worked and partnered with many different real estate agents out of the Highlands Ranch area   We help potential buyers in Colorado obtain home ownership by providing products for individuals with excellent or less than perfect credit.  Security Financial Services has a conventional loan where the homebuyer only needs to provide 1% down payment.  Call us at 303-955-5606 to learn more.

Security Financial Services has many other loan programs.  We provide

VA loans to qualified Veterans and also have the government FHA loan those borrowers that are in needs of a loan to get themselves in a house with a reasonable payment.  need a jumbo loan?  We also have a group of lenders that have some of the lowest interest rates around.  However, conforming loan limits have increased in 2022.  You may qualify for a conventional Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae loan which offers lower rates than a typical jumbo loan.  Call us today to find out how we can help you.

Refinance your Mortgage in Highlands Ranch

Security Financial has helped many different homeowners refinance their homes and save them hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a month on their overall debt.  Whether you are looking to lower your interest rate or get rid of Mortgage Insurance - we can help.  We have helped homeowners take their current jumbo loan with a higher interest rate or ARM and move them to a conforming loan amount due to the increased conventional loan limits that have increased in 2022. Currently conforming loan limits are $647,200 and high balance conforming loan limits are $684,200.  Find more info here
You may also want to consolidate debt and pay off a Home Equity Line of credit that will continue to rise in interest rates or pay off high interest rate credit cards.  Colorado is fortunate to have a housing market where values have been increasing year after year.  Call us today to see how we can help you improve your mortgage needs by customizing a mortgage that is best for you.

Mortgage Lender you can Trust in Highlands Ranch

Have you ever watched a commercial where a lender shows an interest rate and then you call and find out that rate has a large amount of closing costs?  This is because the APR that they show in either very small print or flash quickly on the screen is much higher than the actual interest rate.  Or it could be because it is an FHA loan that has a lower rate but adds mortgage insurance to your loan. And it could be because it is a 15 year fixed mortgage which typically is 1% lower in rate versus a 30 year fixed rate.

At Security Financial Services we give you the best rate for your specific needs and don’t throw a lot of discount points or closing costs to show you a low rate.  Nobody should have to pay discount points or high closing costs to get a rate in today's market.  Give us a call today so we can go over your personal situation so we can customize a mortgage that best fits your needs.

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