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Your Home Loan Lender in Littleton

Security Financial Services is a Littleton Mortgage Broker.  Littleton is known as a very historic community in the Denver Metro Area.  Because of this we take pride in helping homeowners with financing to purchase a home or to refinance their existing mortgage.  We don’t look at our customers as a number but strive to give everyone the personal service that is necessary when analyzing a borrower's needs when it comes to a home loan.


Shopping for a home in Littleton or needing to refinance your home?

At Security Financial Services, we have worked with many different real estate agents in the Littleton area as well we provide a full array of loan products.  Whether it is an FHA loan or VA loan we have a pool of lenders we can choose from to get you the best rate.  We also have conventional loans for those customers that have down payment or equity in their home.  And if your mortgage is a jumbo loan then we can evaluate if you still need a jumbo loan or if you quali9fy for the new loan limits that have increased for conventional loans in 2018.  


Your Littleton Mortgage Broker for Life

A mortgage broker should be transparent, honest, and knowledgeable.  Security Financial Services is all three of these plus more.  We don’t show you a low rate to earn your business and then you realize your closing costs are high due to the APR being so much higher than the interest rate. This is exactly where commercials and print ads are very deceiving.  But that is the purpose of understanding the APR.  At Security Financial Services we will give you options to various rates and let you close the one that makes the most sense.  But with rates still at historic lows, it just does not make sense to pay discount points to obtain a mortgage.  

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