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Why Use A Denver Mortgage Broker like Security Financial Services

At Security Financial Services, LLC our only job is finding you the best loan program available. We are independent and do not work for a one particular lending institution nor are we tied to just one product line. Since we are unbiased we can search all lending sources and find the best possible rate currently available.  

Security Financial Services is an Accreditted BBB Business with an A+ Rating and we also were a winner of a Gold Star Certificate from BBB Denver/Boulder, 2015 - for having no complaints in a three-year period..  We are also a member of NAMB and have earned their Lending Integrity Seal of Approval.  Our company is celebrating our 10th year in busines and the owner has 13 years experience in the mortgage industry. 

As a Denver Mortgage Broker, we save a borrower time and money. Brokers match up borrowers with the best lender for their needs. Not all Lenders are the same. We are going to knows which Lender is going to be the most competitive for a particular borrower’s situation. Lenders have their “sweet spots” for particular types of loans and matching up the right loans with the right borrowers is how a Broker can provide the best service for their clients.

A Denver Mortgage Broker like Security Financial Services can give a client something that a Bank cannot which is variety.  Mortgage Brokers are free to choose from 20 or more different lender partners and can shop around for their clients and match them up with the best deal. Lenders have different thresholds for what they consider risk so while one lender may turn you down for a loan, another one may approve you. Brokers know the ins and outs of this delicate dance with underwriters and help you navigate through this process so you come out ahead!

Our skills go beyond shopping for the best availabe financing, we use our expertise to present your loan application in the best possible light in order to obtain optimal financing.  We have over 10 years experience as a Denver Mortgage Broker serving not just Denver, but Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Littleton and the rest of Colorado.  


Comparing Security Financial Services, LLC with a standard bank


Security Financial Services, LLC

  • No Cost to Client
  • Our Specialty is Mortgage Financing
  • Often Easier to Qualify
  • We have access to Multiple Lenders and Private Money
  • We Offer the Discounted Bank Rate
  • Available 24/7

Standard Bank

  • No Cost to Client
  • No specialty. Required to Deal in Many Unrelated Fields and Products
  • Stricter Qualifying Criteria
  • Only One Bank and limited loan products
  • Standard Posted Bank Rank
  • Limited Hours and by appointment only at the bank
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